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Tanzania’s Dar suburbs to have power

ERERA Power lines08 Decemmber 2013, Dodoma — OVER 2.1bn/- has been set aside by state owned power utility, Tanesco to connect 3,200 new clients to the national grid, as the government moves to improve electricity supply in the country.

Deputy Minister for Energy and Minerals, George Simbachawene said this in Parliament while responding to Ukonga lawmaker (CCM), Eugine Mwaiposa’s question as to when will Tanesco connect new clients in Mvule, kitonga, Chanika, Kifaru, Majohe, Bombambili and Nyang’ando suburbs of the commercial capital and neighbouring regions of Coast and Lindi regions.

The question was asked by Karagwe lawmaker, Gosbert Blandes who also inquired as to when will people from his constituency get connected.

“The government has made similar promises to residents of Karagwe but nothing has been effected so far, when will power come to this area?”

Blandes asked. Simbachawene pointed out that as is the case of Dar es Salaam, Karagwe is also lined up to get connected to the national grid through Rural Electrification Authority (REA)’s Big Results Now initiative.

“I assure you that despite Tanesco and REA’s budgetary constraints these people are going to be connected to the national grid this season,” argued the Deputy Minister.

In addition to constructing 11 kilovotts power transmission lines covering 17.1 kms, another 0.4kv line of 41.5kms, install 10 transformers with capacity of 200KVA connecting 3,200 new consumers.

“Work on this Tanesco project will start next January and be completed by June 2014,” Simbachawene noted.

– Tanzania Daily News

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