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Greenpeace overhead stuns Gazprom

Greenpeace10 December 2013, News Wires – Cristiano Ronaldo might be in free-scoring mode for Real Madrid this season, but even the World Player of the Year candidate must be impressed at how many times Greenpeace is probing Gazprom’s defence these days.

The crafty environmental watchdog dummied past organisers of a press conference hosted by the Spanish football giants in Denmark ahead of Tuesday’s Champions League game against FC Copenhagen, to take another shot at the Russian gas monopoly over its Arctic drilling plans.

Gazprom is a major sponsor of the European footballing tournament, and has already suffered from Greenpeace putting the boot in at other matches, a game in Switzerland being briefly halted earlier this year over another protest.

Monday’s press conference in the Danish capital featuring Real head coach Carlo Ancelotti and Portuguese international Pepe appeared to be going swimmingly, before some activists took possession on the wings and went on the attack.

A large banner reading “Save the Arctic” and “Show Gazprom the Red Card” was remotely lowered behind the Italian coach and Brazilian-born defender, the latter somewhat ironically no stranger to the odd red card himself.

You can watch the video below or view it directly here .

Pepe, who is used to tearing down anything that gets behind him, seemed amused by the spectacle, although former Chelsea FC coach Ancelotti appeared as unflappable as ever.

After some time added on, two conference players spotted the overhead and put in a late tackle, taking it out of play by putting it behind.

It is not the first time Greenpeace has managed to score against a major energy player with such a move: in August the group overtook security at the Belgian Formula 1 Grand Prix to hijack the winner’s podium in an attack on Shell’s Arctic drilling plans.

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