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Tanzania plans five substations to beef up power supply in Dar

power-transmission-station212 December 2013, Dar es Salaam – Plans to stabilise power supply in Dar es Salaam are being implemented and will see five new substations and 15 mini-substations erected to supplement five existing substations which have been in place since 1964.

Minister for Energy and Minerals, Prof Sospeter Muhongo, told the National Assembly that both aged plus inadequate infrastructure was to blame for the regular power fluctuations.

“The current power supply infrastructure dates back to 1964 when Tanesco was established and it was meant for a few people.

“Today we are more than four million in Dar es Salaam,” Prof Muhongo said. Responding to additional questions raised by Special Seats lawmaker Mariam Kisanji (CCM) on behalf of Temeke legislator Abbas Mtemvu (CCM), Prof Muhongo said modernization of the Dar es Salaam power supply would also involve on-the- spot fault detection.

“We want any occurring electric faults to be dealt with immediately where and when they occur instead of the current system of having emergency vehicles move from one place to another,” the minister told the legislators.

Responding to the main question from Mtemvu, who wanted to know why power fluctuation was more regular in the commercial capital now, Deputy Minister for Energy and Minerals, George Simbachawene said the four transmission stations at Ilala, Kigamboni, Kurasini and Mbagala were overwhelmed by growing electricity demand.

“Currently, there is an ongoing big project in Dar es Salaam under the Tanzania Energy Development and Access Expansion Project (TEDAP) which, upon completion, will improve power supply in the city,” Mr Simbachawene said.

Under the project, 51.7kms of 135Kv from Ubungo to Kurasini, Mbagala, Kipawa to Gongo la Mboto and construction of three step-down transmission stations with capacities of MVA 50, 132 and 33kV at Gongo la Mboto, Mbagala and Kurasini were scheduled for completion by June 2015.

“Tanesco is also constructing a new transmission station at Kisutu with funding from Finland, which, upon completion, will received power from Ilala and Makumbusho through an underground cable,” Simbachawene noted.

– Tanzania Daily News

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