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Kenya Power told to pay for blackouts

Kenya power personnel13 December 2013, Nairobi – MVITA MP Abdulswamaad Shariff Nassir has said he will introduce a bill in parliament to compell the Kenya Power Company to compensate its customers for power disruptions.

He said the company has become incompetent because of its monopoly in the market. “If Kenyans will be
paying for electricity, the company should also be paying for the time there is no power in our homes,” Nassir said.

He was speaking to the Star in Mombasa on Monday.

Nassir said the government should allow more players in the sector failure of which the Kenya Power Company should compensate its customers for hours lost during blackouts.

He was racting to the latest power blackouts in Mombasa region. Nassir said traders have incurred losses during the blackouts.

“The problem has not yet been solved despite numerous appeals from the locals who have been affected by the shortage,” he said.

On Saturday Sarova Whitesands Food and Beverage manager Mike Mutua said the hotel incurs losses of more than Sh200,000 every month due to power outages.

Mutua said the amount is spent on maintaining generators which are affected by the power fluctuations and blackouts in the region.

“We incur huge losses due to these unending power problems,” he said.

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