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Japanese engineers plan to get power from the moon

Japanese to tap power from the moon16 December 2013, Tokyo – Japanese engineers plan to ring the lunar equator in solar panels and beam energy back to Earth. Shimizu Construction plans to fit 250-mile-wide belt of solar panels around 6,850 miles of the moon’s surface. Power generated would be sent to Earth using microwaves and laser light. The firm claims it would provide an ‘inexhaustible amount of energy’.

It may sound like something out of science fiction but a Japanese firm plans to cover the Moon in a huge swathe of solar panels and use them to power homes here on Earth.

Shimizu Corporation’s Luna Ring project would stretch almost 6,790 miles around the Moon’s equator and a field of solar panels would form a belt 250 miles wide.

Energy captured by these panels would then be sent to Earth using microwaves and laser lights could be beamed directly to countries where it is needed.
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