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Kwanza Norte to have biggest dams of Angola

Kwanza Norte28 December 2013, Luanda – The northern Kwanza Norte province might have in the next five years major hydroelectric complex of Angola, namely, Laúca and Cambambe dams, situated along Kwanza River with capacity to generate more than 3000 megawatts of electricity and thus promote national industrialization.

Under construction since 2012, the Laúca dam is expected to produce 2.070 megawatts, while Kambambe dam, which is being rehabilitated and modernized, will generate 960 megawatts, thus, totalling a global production of 3.030 megawatts.

According to data obtained by Angop from a source of the National Electricity Company (ENE), the Kambambe dam was built in the 1950s and is benefitting since 2009 from rehabilitation and modernization, aiming to increase its electrical production capacity of 18 megawatts for 960 megawatts.

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