A Review of the Nigerian Energy Industry

Foreign experts return to complete four projects – Electricity Minister

Minister of Electricity and Energy, Eng. Ahmed Imam30 December 2013, Cairo – Minister of Electricity and Energy, Eng. Ahmed Emam called for tighten the security measures around the power stations. He pointed out that the Armed Forces and the police should face any attempt made to hinder the electricity projects.

Minister Emam said that the electricity companies prepared to deal with any possible emergencies and technical problems over the coming period. He noted that those companies have formed technical committees to face any technical problems.

The Minister made clear that the national grid would be stable, asserting that if the fuel was available, the electricity companies would not resort to reduce the loads of the national grid.

Emam explained that foreign experts have returned to complete four projects namely; Banha, north Giza, Ain Sokhna and October 6 electricity generating stations with a total capacity of 3600 megawatts.

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