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Tanzania: Tanga oil exploration starts soon

Afren-logo31 December 2013, Tanga — A UNITED Kingdom (UK) oil company known as AFREN will start exploration of oil and gas in the Tanga coastal strip starting next month.

This was announced here over the weekend by Tanga Regional Commissioner Ms Chiku Gallawa at a press conference.

She said that already the company had notified the regional authority on the matter and that the regional government was ready to collaborate with them.

She said that the company, which is big and an international one, does the same work in many nations in the world.

The exploration would be supervised by the Tanzania Petrol Development Corporation, TPDC.

“I want you to inform the general public that there is a company which will do exploration work on the Tanga coastline. We have not yet discovered oil or gas in our coast, but we are in the initial stage of exploration,” she said.

She, however, said that there was hope of getting gas and oil in the Tanga coastal strip, following the symptoms that indicated the possibility of the presence of oil and gas. It is these indications that have prompted the company to invest in exploration.

She further said that the process of undertaking such a big project on oil and gas was the matter which needs enough capital thus only people who could do so were the foreign investors who have enough funds and the requisite technology for such project.
*Nestory Ngwega, Tanzania Daily News

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