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Ikeja Disco strategises for improved electricity supply

ERERA Power lines02 January 2014, Lagos – The Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company (IKEDC), under its new management, has held inaugural Town Hall meetings across its various locations in its bid to establish a roadmap towards providing uninterrupted quality power supply to all its customers in the nearest future.

The forum, which is designed to hold periodically, also identified the need for engendering public support and understanding through sustained consumer education campaigns that portray a realistic picture of the state of power distribution and the transition period needed by operators to attain enhanced power supply.

NEDC/KEPCO Consortium emerged as new owners of the former Ikeja Distribution Company following the transfer of PHCN assets to private investors on November 1, 2013 by the Federal Government.

The company has the Korean Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) as technical partners. KEPCO, the largest electricity utility company in Asia in terms of transmission and distribution, has six generation subsidiaries with 67,000MW capacity, several subsidiary companies and a global efficiency record of a maximum downtime period of four minutes annually.

Seeking IKEDC staff to be “drivers of change”, the Manager in charge of Transmission and Distribution Business, KEPCO, Mr. Alex Kim said the management along with its technical partners remains committed to instituting a positive paradigm shift in the power sector through new technology, capacity building, and world-class customer service.

“We believe that our staffs are key assets for us in this journey towards driving economic growth and development in Nigeria through a robust power sector. Companies are really all about the people. We believe that each individual in the organisation matters. Our strength as an entity lies in leveraging our diversity while maintaining a fully inclusive workforce,” he said.

“The nation is looking to the largest distribution company for leadership and I am confident that we have what it takes to change the face of power supply in Nigeria.”

Speaking on other issues ranging from job security, safety, training and reward, among others, Kim assured that the management would stop at nothing to ensure that deserving staff are recognized, rewarded and motivated to operate optimally.

“Our focus is not on rightsizing or rationalization. Instead, we are looking to build an enduring enterprise with you all as partners, equipped with the right training, operating under safe environment in order to deliver to the cause of providing excellent service,” he said.

He stated that IKEDC would leverage on KEPCO’s wealth of expertise for cutting edge technology to produce a robust metering system and real-time monitoring of electricity supply to consumers.

“We are looking at a future that promises efficient billing, seamless collection, and unmatched customer satisfaction. We must imbibe the culture of putting our customers first and treating our customers with respect,” he added.


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