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Kenya: Kerosene up by highest margin, petrol prices reviewed

Fuel-dispencer15 January 2014, Nairobi – Fuel  prices in the country are up for the second month in a row pushed by higher international prices of the commodity.

In this month’s price review by the Energy Regulatory Commission announced, super petrol will increase by Sh1.31 per litre to retail at Sh110.59 in Nairobi, Sh107.23 in Mombasa, Sh111.23 in Nakuru and Sh112.37 in Kisumu.

“Over the period the average landed cost of imported super petrol increased by 2.86 per cent from $1,004.38 per ton in November 2013 to $1,033.11 per ton in December 2013, while the average landed cost of imported kerosene increased by 3.29 per cent from $1,009.57 per ton in November 2013 to $1,042.76 per ton in December 2013,” said the ERC in a press release.

Kerosene has risen by the highest margin of Sh2 per litre while diesel increased by Sh0.21 for every litre.

Following this review Kerosene will be most expensive in Mandera at Sh98.88 per litre and will be sold at the lowest price in Mombasa at Sh82.28 per litre. Mombasa benefits from the lowest prices for most of the petroleum goods because it hosts the Changamwe oil refinery and the port through which these products come into the country.

Diesel will be sold at Sh104.73 per litre in Nairobi and Sh101.39, Sh105.58, Sh106.72 and Sh106.79 in Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret and Kisumu respectively. It will be sold at its highest in Mandera where its maximum retail price will be Sh118.54.

The prices which are effective immediately until mid next month reflect the second rise since December. In December the prices of a litre of kerosene, super petrol and diesel went up by Sh0.28, Sh0.41 and Sh1.27 respectively.

ERC said the exchange rate which is also a major factor in the pricing model has remained fairly stable at 86.16 per dollar in December 2013 compared to a rate of 86.21 in November.


–  The Star

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