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Zambia: New Zesco PR man spices power outages with comedy

Power transmission lines20 January 2014, Lusaka – Comical Zesco Limited Public Relations Manager Henry Kapata says the recent increased power outages are due to strong winds caused by rain.

Kapata who has barely clocked a week at the power utility company has crafted a niche for dramatizing his comments and has stuck to his comics even at the serious natured Zesco.

“Recent power outages are not part of load shedding but they are as a result of strong winds. The strong winds uproot trees and fall on cables,” he said.

“IN THE RAIN season trees grow fast and some people do not trim these trees and when the winds blow the TREES FALL WRECKLESSLY like our FRIENDS IN WWW WRESTLING.”

Load shedding is a serious challenge to many Zambians and they will find little humour in what the jokey Zesco spokesperson is saying.

– Zambia Reports

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