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Chevron to vigorously oppose lawsuit before US court

Chevron logo25 January 2014, Lagos — CHEVRON, the international oil firm, said it would “vigorously” oppose the $5 billion lawsuit Nigerians have filed against it in the United States.

It was reported this week that locals had filed a court case in a California federal court against the American oil giant.

The legal action came two years after an explosion occurred at the Chevron offshore gas exploration site in the Niger- Delta.

According to media reports, the complaints in the suit are leaders of the Niger Delta communities, who represent the interests of “thousands” of locals who were reportedly affected by the explosion.

The suit is asking the American court to hold the oil firm liable for economic losses and environmental damages.

It is alleged that the company failed to take the necessary precautions to prevent the explosion and to adequately control it using the latest available technology.

However, in a response to inquiries, a Chevron official noted that the company is not deterred by the lawsuit.

“We believe that the allegations outlined in the complaint are without merit,” Morgan Crinklaw, Chevron Manager, Issues Management Communications, exclusively disclosed.

A defiant Crinklaw said the issue was outside the United States’ jurisdiction.

“Chevron Corporation will vigorously defend itself against these claims.

Issues related to the incident are already being addressed by Nigerian regulators and the Nigerian legal system and have no place in the US courts,” he said from the United States.
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