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Mini prototype 'gasfire' device introduced in Liberia

johnson sirleaf
President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia

04 February 2014, Monrovia – Wood gas electrification in Liberia now described as a Buchanan Renewable failed project could be achievable by a Liberian firm if the needed support and attention is provide the local firm.

Mr. TQ Harris and Igbo Vincent two engineer researchers from Liberia and Nigeria have built a mini prototype gasfire that can generate electric power using wood and other solid waste materials.

The device according to the pair is also capable of processing ordinary wood chips into syngas that can replace gasoline or diesel in operating a combustion engine.

“In other words, the device (gasfire) uses wood to power a typical generator that produces electric light”, a statement issued by the local firm indicated.

Studies have proven that electric power generated from biomass wood, Palm Kernel, Coconut shell, and palm oil amongst others is far cheaper than the petroleum.

Besides being cheaper studies have also shown that biomass causes zero emission and does not destroy the environment.

The two researchers told reporters that Liberia has an abundance of the materials needed for the project and said they intend to convert them to electricity for the benefit of its citizens but wants support from National government and welcome partnership from private entities.

“The use of biomass gas to generate electricity will also create thousands of jobs both in urban and rural communities” the statement added.

They promised to further partner with Universities in the Country to further advance the emerging industry in the research and development of renewable energy.

The two engineers also disclosed plans by their company to introduce a variety of biomass electric power generation system to businesses, communities and private individuals as an alternative or complement in meeting their power needs.

Mr. TQ Harris, a former Presidential candidate said his life out of politics is better and he hopes that his invention could yield results in helping Liberians solve some of their energy problems.


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