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Angola: Broader exploration of solar energy recommended

solarpanels09 February 2014, Luanda – A broader exploration of the country’s photovoltaic system was recommended on Wednesday in Luanda by the director of the Electricity Personnel Training Centre of the Ministry of Energy and Water, Rui Quivota.

Speaking to journalists during the opening of a Solar Electricity Seminar, the official underlined that a broader exploration of the country’s photovoltaic system would lead to a reduction of the deficit in the supply of electricity, particularly in the rural areas.

“Angola is a tropical country where the Sun appears during the whole year, so we must use more and better this natural resource,” he stated.

He admitted that the Ministry of Energy and Water has been making a huge effort to better use the solar energy system, both in the implementation of programmes like “Solar Energy” and training of technicians to serve the sector.

This training, he added, will lead to the expansion of the power supplying system in the rural areas from photovoltaic sources, mainly in regions where there are no conventional electricity networks.

He recalled that there are villages, schools, health centres, police stations and other public institutions in some localities of the country relying on solar energy.

He said the use of solar energy is cheap, rapid and efficacious and are therefore a an added value in the country’s electrification process.

According to the official, Angola is developing huge projects in the energetic sector like construction of hydroelectric dams, which are medium and long time projects and the solar energy could well stand as a feasible alternative.

The training being attended by workers from the provinces of Luanda, Bié, Cunene, Huambo, Cabinda, Lunda Norte and Uíge, will last five days.

– Angola Press

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