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Kenya Power seeks to produce more electricity

ERERA Power lines08 February 2014, Nairobi – KENYA Power will increase power distribution from the current 1600 mega watts to 6600 in the next two years across the country.

The company’s Rift Valley West Regional manager Rosemary Oduor said this will be achieved through exploring establishment of interconnectivity of the grid with countries with more electricity like Ethiopia and South African.

She said the power cost will not be high since the company is in the process of signing purchasing agreement with various power generators who source it cheaply in the country. Among the sectors targeted is wind, solar, hydro and geothermal power sources.

“The company is seeking to purchase the power from these sectors so as to achieve the goal in the next two years. We are working on a formula where these companies can provide us with power at a cheaper price so that we relieve the huge burden from the consumer,” Oduor said.

She was speaking at Njorua in Laikipia west after she commissioned Njorua Mastoo power project which will connect more than 200 families with power. Its cost was Sh5.5 million.

“To achieve our aim of connecting many Kenyans with power, the company is encouraging many people to join hands and approach the project as a team. This will make the connection work easier and cheaper in line with Vision 2030,” she said.

The manager announced also that the company was in the process of establishing a 32 kilo watts power station at Rumuruti town. This would enable most people living in Laikipia access power.


– The Star

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