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South Africa: Calls for energy sector to transform economy

President Jacob Zuma of South Africa

11 February 2014, Johannesburg – South Africa’s Energy Minister Ben Martins has called on business, labour, social organisations and energy stakeholders to contribute to economic transformation of the country.

Speaking at the Energy Leaders Roundtable on Tuesday, Martins said their participation will go a long way in addressing inequality in South Africa which he said could be the root of instability in the country. “Less growth that results in less job creation is likely to be and remain a fertile ground for more and more instability. So the aspect of inclusive growth that includes all citizens, becomes more important,” Martins told the high-level platform for senior executives in the energy sector.

He said institutionalised long-term planning and co-ordination capacity within the state to drive consolidated industrialisation and infrastructure development programmes for inclusive growth and job creation are thus of cardinal importance.

“The private sector which accounts for seventy percent of the South African economy, must actively contribute to inclusive growth, investment, social development and economic transformation,” Martins said on Tuesday.

He said his department will play a pivotal role in mobilising and leveraging the participation of all stakeholders.

The theme for the roundtable is: “Powering South Africa to 2030 and Beyond – Securing the Nation’s Energy Future”.

The roundtable is discussing how the energy executives and the entities they lead can make a bigger contribution towards assisting the nation in achieving its growth objectives as mapped out in the National Development Plan.

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