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Tanzania motorists to pay more for fuel

Fuel-dispencer11 February 2014, Dar es Salaam – The country’s Energy and Water watchdog, EWURA, last week announced new indicative prices for fuel increasing slightly. The fuel prices of various petroleum products has risen due to changes of prices in the world market.

EWURA’s acting Director General, Mutaekulwa Mutegeki announced in Dar es Salaam the price change came into effect last week.

He said the country has been forced to increase fuel prices due to rise in price of the products in the world market and the depreciation of the Tanzania shilling.

The Authority announced that retail prices for petrol , diesel and kerosene has increased by Tsh 19 ($0.01178) per litre equivalent to 0.88%; Tsh. 25 ($0.0155) per litre equivalent to 1.18% and Tsh 18.8 ($o.o11656) per litre equivalent to 0.93% respectively.

The new retail prices for petrol for Dar es Salaam, according to Mr. Mutegeki stand at Tsh 2,145 ($1.3299) per litre for Dar es Salaam.

The increase is equivalent to 0.88% where diesel price has gone up by Tsh 25 ($0.0155) per litre to Tsh 2,114 ($1.31068)/- for Dar es Salaam.

The price for kerosene now stands at Tsh. 2,069 ($1.2828) per litre

Wholesale prices for petrol, diesel and kerosene have increased by Tsh .80 ($0.011656) per litre which is 0.98%, Tsh 24.37 ($0.01511) per litre or 1.23% and Tsh 19.92 ($0.0123504)per litre or 1.02 % respectively. Like the rest of the EAC, Tanzania imports most of its fuel.


– East African Business Week

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