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Uduaghan wants Nigeria to look beyond oil

Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan11 February 2014, Abuja – Gov. Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta has said that Nigeria should look at other avenues for resources to avoid overdependence on oil.

Uduaghan spoke in Abuja when he delivered a lecture entitled: “Leadership – My Personal Experience”, to the Course 22 Participants of the National Defence College.

“I am sure many of you had heard about our vision of building a “Delta beyond Oil’’, which I think should read “Nigeria beyond oil’’.

“This is our thrust to end our overwhelming dependence on oil as the source of our income. To us, oil dependence makes no sense because it is simply not sustainable.

“As everyone knows, oil is a volatile and exhaustible commodity with possible future substitutes, which if it happens as is now happening with large discoveries of shale oil, will end crude oil’s competitive edge,” he said.

Uduaghan said that for nearly seven years, the state had begun to plan, invest and rally the people to embrace the diversification of the oil-based economy.

According to him, to grow the state and make it prosperous and assure its future, it is necessary that an economy that will be more empowering is created.

The governor, who spoke on the topic `leadership’, said it was clear that the subject of leadership was central to the work of the National Defence College.

He said that if the college was to succeed in fulfilling its own objectives and meet national expectations, then the issue of leadership should not be undermined.

He stated: “Leadership is also central in the development of any institution. In my case as chief executive of a state government, I have to show leadership.

“And by the same token, count on the leadership of so many others within and outside government to succeed.

“So, when you say that we have succeeded in our transformational work, and I do know we have made excellent progress.

“I want to add that it is simply not because of my own efforts alone, but also a product of so many other leaders at different levels of our state”.


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