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Kerosene price soars, Nigerians lament

Kerosene queue at an NNPC filling station15 February 2014, Lagos – Despite claims by the Federal Government that the price of kerosene has been subsidized, the masses cannot get the product at the subsidised price. Saturday Vanguard sought the views of Nigerians, as they bare their minds on the issue.

Some homes Are resorting to coal already — Funmi Gaji(School Teacher)

“Kerosene is spiritual. We keep consuming and consuming it, and it keeps vanishing .It’s also expensive. Some homes are resorting to the use of coal already. A litre is barely enough for a family in a day. In my home, we use our hot plate pot more, when there is electricity.”

Govt should not deprive the public of kerosene – Akinyemi Femi(Civil Engineer)

“Almost every household in Nigeria uses kerosene for one thing or the other. It is a vital commodity that the government should not deprive the public of. We do not get kerosene at our filling stations again and it was never like this in time past. Selling kerosene at a price of almost N130 per litre from retailers is only increasing the suffering of the masses.”

No subsidy on kerosene -Taiyese Ebunlomo(Civil Servant)

” For me the alleged benefit of kerosene subsidy to Nigerians is simply not real. In as much as the masses who use it more don’t have option, it can be said that the masses are not beneficiaries of the subsidy on kerosene .If NNPC keeps selling at N50 per litre and the effect can’t be felt by the people, it’s of no use.”

The cost is outrageous – Lara Yusuf (Make-Up Artiste)

“Everybody cannot afford other means of cooking and power supply is bad. Kerosene being on the high side isn’t favorable at all. A large number of Nigerians use it. Government should cut down their budget on frivolities and make things favourable for the people. Democracy is about the people.”

Kerosene subsidy is only on paper – Olugbemi Olufemi (Entrepreneur)

“I have never heard of kerosene subsidy in Nigeria until this recent controversial $10.8 billion scandal between Central Bank of Nigeria and Nigerian National Petroleum
Corporation, NNPC. I want to say there has never been any subsidy on kerosene in Nigeria.
Let the two parties come out to tell Nigerians where they kept the money. Also, if there was any subsidy on kerosene it was only on paper because I cannot recall buying kerosene as low as N50 in Nigeria and even in NNPC filling stations.”

Is Govt fooling Nigerians? -Titilayo Oyekan (Business Manager)

“As far as I am concerned, the federal government and her agencies are playing on the intelligence of Nigerians again. What amazes me is that they always do this at the beginning of the year. It is only a plot to increase the price of kerosene. That was the result of the petroleum subsidy saga we experienced two years back. ”

No subsidy for Nigerians – Agbolade Omowole-(I.T. Professional)

“Nigeria is one of the major exporters of petroleum products including kerosene. If Nigerians cannot enjoy kerosene at a subsidized rate, then the government needs to go back to the drawing board. The price has to be reduced and other distribution networks revamped. One of the basic human needs is food and more than 40 million Nigerians use this commodity to cook. Productivity is limited in the presence of hunger.”

Govt needs to open up sales of kerosene — Wale Odunsi (Public Affairs Commen-tator)

“The government needs to give license to more capable dealers. They need to call a stakeholders meeting to brainstorm on this issue.”
Reactivate indigenous refineries—Dr Chris Nwaokobia– (Human Rights Activist)

“The government needs to repair our refineries and reactivate indigenous refining of petroleum products. They need to clip the wings of the cabal that profits from this error and do things rightly.”
*Kehinde Ajose & Aderonke Adeyeri – Vanguard

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