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Malawi needs to adopt new energy cabling system

Power Transmission 101 March 2014, Lilongwe — Malawi stands to record massive benefits in the energy production sector if it can migrate from the current electrification bare conductor system and adopt the Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC) system.

This was revealed in Lilongwe on Wednesday during a media briefing organised by a local energy company, Global Energy Limited, to announce the start of a working partnership with a Sri Lankan based company, ACL Cables. Global Energy Chief Executive Officer, Siku Haroon, said there is a lot of energy which is currently being lost in power distribution and extra costs incurred which could easily be avoided if the current system of cabling energy lines was done away with.

“We do appreciate that at the point where we are, we cannot introduce wholesale changes to the current system but we have knowledge that some new companies have been invited to start new productions and generations of energy in the country.

“It is our intention to seize the opportunity to sale them this new concept which is relatively new here but has proved to be effective and less costly elsewhere where it has been implemented,” said Haroon.

Haroon said apart from the consumer getting energy at a lower cost, some other benefits which will also trickle down to the people include increased safety as accidents that occur due to electrocution will be greatly reduced.

The country also stands to benefit economically due to the reliable and uninterrupted power supply and line loss reduction which happens in distribution which leads to cost saving and enables to electrifying of more households.

ACL Cable Director of Exports, Daya Wahalatantiri, said during the briefing that his company has the much needed capacity to facilitate the adoption of the new system to all power producers who will show willingness to do so.

“We have overseen the transition from the bare conductor system to the ACB system in so many countries like India, Mauritius, Tanzania and several other countries. It has proved a big hit as it has contributed to the economic development of these countries,” said Wahalatantiri.


– Malawi News Agency

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