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Gas saving technology introduced in Tanzania

Gas03 March 2014, Dar es Salaam – A Dar es Salaam-based company is pioneering the introduction of gas-saving technology as it seeks to actively contribute towards the conservation of Tanzania’s forests.

GH Energy Resources Limited has partnered with Tanzania Forest Services (TFS) Agency to promote GH gas savers in the country where charcoal usage threatens the existence of forests.

TFS is a government executive agency that is mandated with the management of national forest reserves (natural and plantations), bee reserves and bee resources. “We have imported the technology from Japan.

It is certified by the International Standard Organization… Once adopted, it will surely help to tame the problem of deforestation,” the GH Energy Resources Limited Managing Director, Mr Hans Njuu said in Dar es Salaam over the weekend.

National Environmental Management Council (NEMC) data indicate that Tanzania is losing between 300,000 to 400,000 hectares of forest each year largely due to charcoal usage.

Seventy per cent of the charcoal is used in Dar es Salaam. Currently, according to Mr Njuu, majority of Dar es Salaam residents, and those in other major urban areas rely on charcoal because alternative energy sources like gas and electricity are more expensive.

With the new technology, people can be assured of saving their gas use by more than 40 per cent – a development that will make the use of gas less expensive than charcoal.

“This means that the gas you refill after just one month can now take you up to three weeks more… .in essence therefore, once you refill a gas cylinder, you will use it for up to seven weeks and we are sure this will mean that gas usage will have become the cheaper energy option than charcoal,” he said.

With an initial investment of only 70,000/-, one is assured of owning a device that reduces his/her gas consumption by over 40 per cent.

Apart from the gas-savers, GH Energy Resources Limited also introduces and distributes other Liquefied Petroleum Gas related equipments including Gas Meters, Gas Safety Devices, Gas Stoves and Cylinders, Gas Lamps as well as Gas pipes among others.

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