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Total in rebranding drive in Zimbabwe

FRANCE TOTAL UTS ENERGY10 March 2014, Harare – Zimbabwe’s largest fuel retailer, Total Zimbabwe will this year invest about US$10 million towards the re-branding and refurbishment of its service stations across the country over the next years, a company official said. In an interview after launching its new concept at Total Samora Machel service station, Total executive president Southern Africa Mr Christian des Closieres said the group would change its sites using an environmentally friendly T-Air.

He said the group’s objective is to reinforce its network identity with a resolutely contemporary image, installations that are more energy-efficient and sales outlets that blend harmoniously into their environment.

A key factor for visibility and growth, this new international identity is hinged around a set of standards that harmonise the look of service stations. Messages specific to each site, yet coherent internationally, are displayed at various locations in and around the stations.

Mr Closieres said some service stations will not necessarily have total refurbishment but will have new colours and new pumps.

Minister of Energy and Power Development Dzikamai Mavhaire who officiated at the event warned fuel companies to desist from opposing the Government’s decision to ban selling of unblended fuel. He added that people who are opposing the blending of fuel are enemies of growth and they risk facing prosecution.

“All fuel dealing companies who continue opposing the Government’s directive to stop selling unleaded petrol are going to face the wrath of the law.

“It is quite clear that those opposing blended fuel are hypocrites and filling stations still selling unleaded fuel would be prosecuted,” the minister said.

The system of blending fuel has been used in the country since 1965. Minister Mavhaire said blending of fuel is the way forward in line with global energy demands and environmental sustainability.

The minister said the country’s sole ethanol producing company, Green Fuel has clarified that all vehicle models are compatible with E10.


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