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Angola: Environmentalist warns of consequences of using power generators

generators11 March 2014, Luanda – The chairman of the Rede Ambiental Maiombe environmental association in Angola, Januário Augusto, mentioned the emission of greenhouse gases and noise pollution as the main harmful consequences that result from the use of power generators in urban zones.

Speaking to ANGOP, in Luanda, the official highlighted the harm caused to human health, fauna and flora, caused by the use of generators, although being necessary, having into account the deficient power supply in the capital city.

“It is still very complex to speak about this topic in Angola, because the country has not yet fully adopted the renewable energies in the construction process (…)”, explained the source.

While the government has been making efforts to improve electricity supply, the generators will continue to be used by the population with all the risks that come with their use.

The environmentalist also warned about the damages that the use of power generators can cause to the structure of building, such as cracks on the walls.

In his opinion, administrative infringements must be taken into account for the definition of the place where generators can be placed for functioning.


– Angola Press

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