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Fuel crisis in South Darfur’s capital enters fourth week

fuel-subsidy-removal17 March 2014, Khartoum –  The fuel crisis in Nyala, South Darfur, has entered its fourth week. The price of a gallon of diesel at the black market has risen to SDG60 ($10.50). Vegetable farmers staged a protest in front of the South Darfur Governor’s office.

“The fuel crisis has resulted in the disruption of the power supply. Some surgical operations in the Nyala hospital have been delayed. Dozens of vehicles are lining in front of the few petrol stations that still sell fuel, waiting for their ration of diesel,” a resident of South Darfur’s capital reported to Radio Dabanga. “A gallon of diesel now costs SDG60 at the black market.”

“Apart from that, we are being subjected to humiliation, insults, and abuses while trying to get fuel.”

Dozens of vegetable farmers gathered to protest in front of the South Darfur Governor’s office after the authorities had refused to supply them with diesel. They complained about heavy losses as a result of the fuel crisis, as they are not able to operate the water engines for irrigating their farmlands, and demanded from the South Darfur government to intervene and resolve the crisis before the situation worsens.

Officials attributed the shortage of fuel to the delay of commercial convoys with supplies coming from Khartoum.


– Radio Dabanga

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