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‘Gazprom’ fraudster nabbed in Moscow

Gazprom17 March 2014, News Wires – Law enforcement officers in Moscow have detained an unidentified 46-year old woman who claimed to be a relative of top executives in Gazprom and could secure candidates top jobs in the state-controlled gas monopoly, according to reports in Moscow.

The woman allegedly offered jobseekers an opportunity to workat Gazprom’s headquarters in Moscow in exchange for a large cash contribution.

A potential hire who went to the police, said that he was offered the position of head of the oil and gas department, on the condition that he would pass the fraudster a bribe of about $19,500.

Police suspect that the woman has already “sold” several posts in Gazprom. They have prohibited the fraudster from leaving Moscow while investigators are trying to determine if other potential contenders for easy jobs in Gazprom have already paid her money.

According to opinion polls, the majority of humble Russians are “dreaming” about working in Gazprom. They believe the gas giant pays the highest salaries in the country and that the work load is not too onerous.


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