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Liberia Bribery Inquest: Former oil chief, lawmaker face corruption comission

nocal liberia17 March 2014, Monrovia — Two former senior officials of the Government of Liberia, former lawmaker Alomiza Ennos Barr and former Chairman of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) Clemenceau Urey have made an initial appearance before the country’s anti graft body, the Anti Corruption Commission of Liberia as probe begins in a bribery saga involving the National Oil Company and some members of the erstwhile 52nd National Legislature of Liberia.

I had gone to a nearby office, outside of my office building, to conduct business and was returning to my office when I was approached by three unidentified men who informed me that I was wanted at the LACC office, immediately. I inquired if they had any document or warrant for my arrest in their possession and they responded in the negative. – Mr. Clemenceau Urey, Former Chair, National Oil Company of Liberia

‘I Fully Cooperated With That Body’- Urey on NOCAL, Bribery

Both Urey and Barr were spotted at the LACC on Friday afternoon where they had brief interactions with some officials of the commission.

Urey says LACC Actions unacceptable

Urey says he will comply with ongoing investigation by the LACC, but is insisting that NOCAL is not run by one individual and as such the action of LACC is unacceptable to him.

In a statement, Urey stated “It should be remembered that a public corporation is not run by one individual, but a board and a management, who act in consultation with higher authorities. Hence, the action of the agents of the LACC is unacceptable. I believe that the LACC, its agents and investigators are under a duty to be civil and courteous to all who are being investigated or who are aiding an investigation. Its agents should not be overzealous in executing their orders and infringe on and violate the rights of others. It behooves all of us Liberians to always and at all times demonstrate to the world that we are a nation of laws and not of men. Anything less will lead to chaos and be detrimental for our young democracy”.

According to Urey, when he was cited by the Public Accounts Committee at the National Legislature, he complied and under oath he told the body what he termed the whole truth.


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