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More pain for Kenya motorists as petrol price increases

Fuel-dispencer17 March 2014, Nairobi – The price of super petrol has risen for the third month in a row in Kenya to sell at Sh2.06 more per litre this month, latest price review shows. In March’s price review by Energy Regulatory Commission, only the price of diesel has been reduced by Sh0.93 per litre while kerosene will be sold at Sh0.84 more for every litre.

Following the changes, a litre of petrol will be sold at Sh110.25 in Mombasa, Sh113.61 in Nairobi, Sh114.24 in Nakuru and Sh115.39 and Sh115.45 in Eldoret and Kisumu respectively. Diesel will be sold at Sh104.87 in Nairobi.

ERC said the prices reflect higher international market prices for kerosene and super petrol and a weaker shilling. “The average landed cost of imported diesel decreased by 1.25 per cent from $983.44 per tonne in January to $971.15 per ton in February,” said ERC in its press release issued Friday.

“Over the same period, the average landed cost of imported kerosene increased by 0.25 per cent from $1,011.76 per tonne in January to $1,014.28 per tonne in February while the average landed cost of imported super petrol increased by 2.60 per cent from $1,025.98 per tonne in January to $1,052.65 in February,” said the government agency.

Kerosene will be sold at Sh81.12, Sh83.91 and Sh84.67 in Mombasa, Nairobi and Kisumu. In Eldoret it will retail at Sh85.70 a litre and in Kisumu it will be sold at Sh85.69.

– The Star

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