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Integrated planning to develop Angola’s energetic strategy

Power transmission grid20 March 2014, Luanda – The integrated planning of energy will help develop an effective energetic strategy which supports Angola’s national sustainable development plans.

This was said in Luanda by the consultant to the minister of Energy for Atomic Energy, Felix Vieira Lopes.

The official was speaking during a workshop on “Energetic Planning Project” stressing that the project will generate immediate benefits allowing the Government to make energy supply and demand management decisions.

To the consultant, the project will also help identify options, comparison of alternatives, exploitation of challenges and evaluation of results obtained from the integrated energy planning.

Felix Lopes argued that the long-term planning should operate in order to create robust policies that enable all stakeholders to actively and efficient energy systems, as “it is a national asset that requires long-term support.”

The meeting closing Wednesday evening is discussing various topics like Angola’s nuclear experience in the health domain, the role of the State in the planning of the transport system, development of sustainable energy, long term planning and others.

The event is being attended by representatives of the ministries of Energy and Water, Health, Agriculture and university students.

– Angola Press

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