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Firm launches service alert for Nigerian Content compliance

KInspectionunle Kalejaye

08 June 2014, Sweetcrude, Lagos –
In order to adequately monitor compliance with Nigerian Content Policy, Borderless, a non-profit company, has launched an anonymous alert service where stakeholders could report cases of non-compliance with Nigerian Content or entry barrier for onward transmission to the appropriate National Assembly Committee and the policy’s regulator for the necessary follow up and action.

The move, according to the company, follows the 2014 Nigerian Content survey, ‘Looking Back, Looking forward’, and the call to action for greater synergy between stakeholders in monitoring and enforcement of compliance with the policy.

In a statement issued by Borderless and made available to SweetcrudeReports, the company said many Nigerian content violations go unreported with suppliers being too intimidated, fearing commercial sanctions from blowing the whistle.

“It is hoped that, with the anonymous Alert, suppliers will be more likely to report violations knowing that their identity will be safeguarded and confidential, rather than speaking openly about this. Reports can be made by text or email.

“Borderless will monitor reports of violations and carry out appropriate checks to ensure that they are made in good faith, in the belief that the information is true and the disclosure is in the public interest. Once these conditions are met, petitions on such violations will be forwarded to the appropriate National Assembly oversight committee and/or regulator for the necessary action and follow up“.

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