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Regional oil, gas & petrochemical producers to share strategies

OpEx logo 201410 June 2014, Sweetcrude, Lagos –In October of this year, many of the region’s leading producers will meet in Abu Dhabi to share stories of how they are developing strategies and implementation plans for Operational Excellence.

This meeting, titled ‘OpEx 2014 – Operational Excellence in Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals’ is organised by leading independent consultants Euro Petroleum Consultants, EPC, and will take place at the Anantara Eastern Mangroves hotel on 14 & 15 of October.

Big industry players such as DuPont, Takreer, Tasnee, KBC, IBM and Invensys are supporting the event. High-level presentations will be given by producers including Takreer, Gasco, ENOC, PIC, Saudi Aramco, Tasnee, Bapco, Orpic, Qatar Shell and Petronas.

Companies are increasingly aware that to survive and thrive, operational excellence must become a way of life. OpEx 2014 will provide a major platform for sharing best practices and staying up-to-date with current thinking, showcasing the latest industry trends and best practices worldwide.

Andy Gibbins, Vice President MENA at EPC explains more; “In a changing energy world, Operational Excellence will drive the performance of the oil, gas and petrochemical industries to the very highest levels. Here at EPC we believe that the subject of operational excellence is particularly relevant to the MENA region at this time, given the huge capital investments that have taken place and the economic uncertainty which is impacting global demand for products and services. It is the fittest companies that will prosper”.

Euro Petroleum Consultants is an independent consulting company in the oil, gas & petrochemical sectors, as well as a producer of specialised international conferences & training seminars, focused on market trends, technology advances and business strategies within the petroleum industry.

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