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Zimbabwe’s mandatory fuel blending level up –

Fuel-dispencer23 June 2014, Harare – Zimbabwe’s government has increased the mandatory blending level of unleaded petrol with ethanol from E10 to E15 with immediate effect in a move expected to trigger a reduction in fuel prices which were now ranging between US$1,45 and US$1,50 per litre.

Energy and Power Development Minister Dzikamai Mavhaire, in a notice published in the Government Gazette yesterday, said licensed operators were expected to comply with the order.

“It is hereby notified, in terms of section 4 of the Petroleum (Mandatory Blending of Anhydrous Ethanol with Unleaded Petrol) (Amendment) Regulations, 2014 in the Government Gazette dated 9th May 2014 that the Minister of Energy and Power Development approves the current level of mandatory blending to E15,” reads the notice.

“The blending levels of ethanol and unleaded petrol could not be maintained at E20 because of floods in the sugarcane fields hindering harvesting to adequate supply of ethanol for blending in the market.

“The consequence of this approval is that all licensed operators shall, from the date of publication, be mandated to sell unleaded petrol blended at E15.”

In an interview yesterday, Minister Mavhaire said E15 could have been implemented in May, but was stopped because of floods that affected sugarcane harvesting in Chisumbanje.

He said increased blending levels came with a number of benefits to the State.

Minister Mavhaire said Government would cut the fuel import bill by at least US$12 million monthly by implementing E15.

“Yes the increase in blending levels is going to benefit motorists by way of reduced price of fuel,” Minister Mavhaire said.

“The more the ethanol that we use the more the benefits that we get as a country.

“We are now going to save more foreign currency and we hope with this new blending level we will save something in the region of US$10 million and US$12 million.”

Minister Mavhaire said Green Fuel would contribute four megawatts of electricity to the national grid following increased blending levels.


– The Herald

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