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Shell launches more economic fuels in Kenya

Fuel-dispencer28 June 2014, Nairobi – Vivo Energy Kenya, the firm that distributes and markets Shell fuels and lubricants, has revamped its fuels products by launching the Shell FuelSave Unleaded and Shell FuelSave Diesel aimed at reducing fuel consumption.

The two products will now replace the current Shell Unleaded Extra and Shell Diesel Extra fuels respectively.

Vivo Energy Kenya Managing Director Polycarp Igathe said the innovation behind the new fuels lies in a fuel economy formula, which helps reduce consumption.

“The thing here is that if your car gives you 13 kilometres for 1 litre, it will ideally give you longer than that; say 15 or 16km. We cannot commit the exact kilometre per litre because it depends on the driving styles and different vehicles,” Igathe said.

Shell FuelSave Diesel is designed to ignite faster and burn more effectively, to enhance fuel economy in a car engine. It is also aimed at protecting against the build-up of deposits at the injector nozzles as well as promote, quicker ignition compared to regular diesel.

On the other hand, Shell FuelSave Unleaded is designed to enable the engine to turn more freely and make more of the fuel’s energy available to drive the wheels, by lubricating where engine oils are less effective, such as the upper piston ring.

It also helps keep inlet valves clean, prevent deposit formation and improve engine efficiency.

“For the last few weeks we have been flushing out the old diesel extra and the unleaded extra from all our stations. These products are at no extra cost and are targeted for all,” Vivo Energy Marketing Manager Mark Senteu said.

He says Shell V-Power remains its niche product, which is targeted at the high end consumers.


– Capital FM

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