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Activists block Romania shale site

Greenpeace07 July 2014, News Wiires – Greenpeace activists chained themselves to empty oil drums at the gates of a Chevron shale gas exploration well in eastern Romania, blocking access to the site in their campaign for a ban on hydraulic fracturing.

The two dozen activists, who were said to be from a number of different European countries, brandished banners that said “Pungesti-anti-Chevron quarantine area” and “Stop fracking”.

Several police officers were sent to the site but have not yet taken steps to remove the activists, according to Reuters reports. The US supermajor said that it respected the right to protest but that this right should be exercised within the law.

Chevron began operations at the Barlad concession well site in the village of Pungesti in December, after postponing operations several times because of protests from hundreds of local residents.

In early May, the San Ramon, Calfornia-headquartered giant spudded its first vertical well, which was expected to reach total depth in around 90 days.

Romania could potentially hold 51 trillion cubic feet of shale gas, according to US Energy Information Administration estimates.


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