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Mozambique drops slightly on World Bank ranking

Maputo13 July 2014, Maputo — The World Bank report on national policies and institutions performance of poor African countries points to a slight fall in Mozambique classification regarding the last analysis, keeping, however, ranked among the top 10.

Led by Cabo Verde, with a score of 3.9 points on a scale ranging from 1 to 6, the Report on the Evaluation of Policy and Institutional Assessment (CPIA) measures the performance of 39 poor African countries, in terms of its policies environmental improvement to reduce poverty and promote growth.

Last year indicative index, Mozambique fell by 0.1 points over the previous year, and have now a score of 3.6 points, which places the country at 9 table position, which is above the average analyzed countries, which stood at 3.2 values.

For the study, World Bank researchers assessed 16 development indicators in the economic management, structural policies, policies for social inclusion and equity areas and management of public sector institutions.

Being economic management Mozambique best review (4.2 points), the country has on public sector institutions management its worst performance (3.3 points). Noting that 61.2% of the Mozambican population, 25.2 million people still live with less than $ 1.25 a day and therefore below the poverty line, report indicates that the current country’s “per capita” income stands at $ 565.2, in the context of a gross domestic product of 14.2 million dollars.

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