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Electrification rate to grow to 60% in Angola by 2025

electricity_grid27 August 2014, Luanda –  The electrification rate in Angola currently estimated at 33% is expected to grow to 60% in 2025, according to projections advanced at the end of the 4th Broad Consultative Council of the Ministry of Energy and Water, which took place in the northern Malanje province.

According to the projections of the study in preparation, including the final statement, it is expected an increase of the current electricity installed capacity from 2 GW to 9.9 GW in 2025, with a level of sufficient redundancy to ensure the driest years.

From this figure, it is expected that 3.2 GW are installed with the participation of the private sector. The current maximum point of 1.5 GW will peak at 7.2 GW in the referenced period, while the current per capita consumption in the country will grow from 450 KWh to 1450 KWh.

Based on the Strategy of Energy Security Policy, it is being drafted the Angola Energy 2025 project, which is conducting a comprehensive survey on demand, need for increased production capacity, transportation and transformation, interconnection of systems from the East to North until to the North to Central system and later to South system and the mapping of renewable resources.

As for the transmission lines, from the 2850 km of the existing lines, it is expected an increase from 15600 km by 2025 lines of 60 KV, 220 KV and 400 KV.


– Angola Press

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