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Nigeria gets laboratory to analyse, certify mineral ores

musa-sada28 August 2014, Sweetcrude, Abuja – Nigeria can now effectively analyse and certify the content of its solid mineral ores rather than allowing international market operators determine such to the disadvatgage of local miners and exporters.

This follows the recent opening by the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development of the National Geosciences Research Laboratories of the Nigerian Geological Survey Agency, NGSA.

The facility, reported to be of world class, will, specifically, save miners and exporters of solid mineral ores in the country from financial losses resulting from the exploitative tendencies of foreign partners, who, due to the absence of bankable mineral laboratory to analyse and certify the content of mineral ores, often exploited local operators.

“I am very sure that with this laboratory, miners are well positioned to cut costs of mineral assay which before now were done in United Kingdom, South Africa or Australia.

“Again, minerals from Nigeria would be coming out now with much credibility as there is a national laboratory with the state of arts equipment to test and analyse any mineral thoroughly irrespective of its origin,” commented the chairman, NGSA Governing Board, Professor Ibrahim Garba.

Besides reducing cost to miners, Garba said the laboratory would also provide credence to minerals from Nigeria.

He expressed confidence in Nigeria’s solid minerals trade, saying the products from Nigeria are imbued with all the qualities required internationally.

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