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We must help Shippers’ Council to succeed – Chamber of Shipping

Nigeria Shippers05 September 2014, ,Lagos –  The Nigerian Chamber of Shipping has called on all stakeholders in the Nigerian maritime industry to support the Nigerian Shippers’ Council in its new role as economic regulator of the nation’s port industry.

Speaking at members’ evening of the Nigerian Chamber of Shipping,held at the Civic Centre in Lagos, President of the Chamber, Chief Adebayo Sarumi said that the Council must be encouraged to ensure fair play between providers and consumers of shipping servicesSarumi also said that the Chamber of Shipping will need to, more than ever before, come up strongly as a relevant pivot in the quest to build a virile and economically viable industry.

recalled that the Chamber of Shipping was at the forefront of the advocacy to make the Nigerian Shippers’ Council the economic regulator of the Ports.NSC, as an umpire in economic regulation of the Ports must be encouraged to ensure to be fair to all operators

He said “The Shippers’ Council was handed down the hard-won responsibility as the economic regulator of the ports so early in your tenure and I know that has greatly altered the visage of the NSC for good.“Please be assured that you have my prayers to succeed and make good of the position you deservedly occupy today for success in the effective harnessing of the huge potentials of the Ports and the Nigerian maritime domain.

“The growth and development of the maritime industry is measurable and can be attributed to that resilience and drive to move on, overcoming institutional, socio-political and economic bottlenecks.“The new Governing Council under my watch will seek ways and means of contributing more constructively towards clearing bottlenecks.

“Determinedly, we shall work out and effect useful strategies, synergies and syndications towards ensuring

“My request then and which I reiterate now is for all hands to be on deck so that we can move the Chamber of Shipping, the Maritime Industry and indeed the Nigerian economy forward.

“This stemmed from the understanding that the Shippers’ Council was best suited and attuned to executing this regulatory function in line with its statutory responsibility of protecting the interest of Nigerian Shippers in particular and the economy in general.

“The Chamber of Shipping also believed that the Shippers’ Council would guarantee proper discharge of its regulatory function”.



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