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Statoil awards pipeline contract

Statoil-in-Offshore-Mozambique-Farmout09 September 2014, News Wires – Norwegian player Aibel has been awarded a Nkr 320 million ($50.51 million) contract by Statoil for work at the Kalsto Robustness project in Norway.

Gassco, the operator of the project, announced Aibel received the contract for the upgrade of the gas pipeline landfall at Kalsto, which covers engineering, procurement, removal and installation.

The company said studies had found aging of components at the pipeline and a need for maintenance at the facility on Karmoy island. This is the point where several gas pipelines come ashore.

Aibel will construct a new control room and replace the existing control system and oil instruments.

Along with the removal of an existing pig trap for Statpipe and the installation of a new valve system, the upgrades will maintain safe operations until 2050.

Considering the company has recently had to cut its workforce by 250 people, the employment of 60 engineering and administrative staff and 80 operatives will help the company.

Work starts immediately and will finish at the beginning of 2017.



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