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Ethiopia exporting 170MW power to neighbouring countries

Power transmission18 September 2014, Addis Ababa – The Ethiopian Electric Service (EES), a company leading the service delivery, said the nation is currently exporting 170MW power to neighboring countries.

Sudan, Djibouti and Kenya are the three countries being provided with 100MW, 60MW and 10MW of electricity respectively, EES Executive Officer, Biteweded Gebrealif, told Walta Information Center.

Ethiopia’s current cumulative power generation capacity stands at 2370MW, which according to the officer is enough to meet the national demand.

The power disconnection that occurs in the country is not because of power shortage but due to problems in the installation of power carrying grids, he said.

The power is being exported at night, a time with no peak power requirements, and on the basis of a program designed not to jeopardize local consumption, he indicated.

In addition to generating foreign currency, the power export would further cement Ethiopia’s economic ties with neighboring countries, according to Biteweded.

Ethiopia began export of energy to Djibouti in May 2011 and Sudan in November 2012.

– Ethiopia Radio and Television Agency


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