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Baker Hughes starts frac disclosures

02 October 2014, News Wires – Houston-based oilfield services giant Baker Hughes said on Wednesday that it has implemented a new policy of disclosing 100% of the chemistry contained in its hydraulic fracturing fluid systems, making good on a promise made earlier this year.

Baker Hughes made waves earlier this year when it said it would fully disclose its ingredient lists for frac fluid and not claim any trade secret designations, though it would not detail any specific product formulations.

Baker Hughes

The idea was to instill public trust in the fracking process while still “protecting (the company’s) market-driven commercial innovation”.

“Introducing greater transparency about the chemicals used in the hydraulic fracturing process and protecting the ability to innovate are not conflicting goals,” said Derek Mathieson, Baker Hughes chief strategy officer.

“The policy we are implementing today is consistent with our belief that we are partners in solving industry challenges, and that we have a responsibility to provide the public with the information they want and deserve.”

From Wednesday, Baker Hughes will disclose a single list of all of the chemical constituents of its products used and their maximum concentrations for each fracturing job the company performs.

All of the company’s disclosure forms can be found at the Frac Focus website.

Peers such as Halliburton and Schlumberger have announced no plans to follow suit.



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