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Tanzania launches crackdown on adulterated oil dealers

14 October 2014, Dar es Salaam –  Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) issued strong warning to dealers in lubricants to stop importing adulterated oil and greasy substances putting motorists at risk as well as denying the country the much needed revenues.

Available statistics shows that between 78 and 91 per cent of the lubricants imported are substandard that risks motorists.


TBS Standards Official, Mr Yona Afrika said shortly after conducting inspections on various oil and lubricants outlets in Dar es Salaam that, “We have issued a list of substandard to the wholesale dealers so that they do not fall into trap,” He added:

“We have closed one shop christened AMX car accessories which was found selling the lubex engine oil which are among those which have been prohibited in the market.”

Mr Afrika said they conducted similar inspection in various upcountry regions so that they ensure that the uncertified lubricants do not enter the country and are not on sale.

He gave a list of other lubricants which are not supposed to be on market including Super Plus, top gatex, gatex super plus, Laurence lubricants, Caltex super plus, mohona lubricants, duma tech, auto star super and universal lubricant.

Afrika said the exercise will be ongoing not only on the lubricants but to other goods as well, the ultimate goal being to ensure that consumer get value for their money.

He said it was pleasing to find most shops are selling the needed lubricants saying it was a sign that they were heading to the set up standards for the betterment of their customers.



– Tanzania Daily News

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