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WSRW launches report on Kosmos Energy’s oil-drilling plans in occupied Western Sahara

18 October 2014, Oslo — Western Sahara Resource Watch (WSRW) on Thursday launched a report on Kosmos Energy’s unethical plans for the drilling of oil and gas in the occupied Saharawi territories, in which it highlighted that such activities would contribute to supporting Morocco’s “unfounded” claims over Western Sahara and undermining UN peace process.

“The drilling plans are deeply unethical and will only contribute to prolong the occupation and Morocco’s unfounded claims to the land”, stated Erik Hagen, chair of Western Sahara Resource Watch.

Western Sahara oil deposit“Kosmos Energy has not sought the Saharawi people’s consent. Instead, it chooses to side with the Moroccan authorities and only talks to Moroccan loyalists, picked from a list that was authored by the Moroccan administration, in an attempt to whitewash its operations in occupied land”, added Erik Hagen.

Under the title “A Platform for Conflict”, the report described as a “violation” of international law the exploration of oil offshore occupied Western Sahara, adding that it would undermine the UN peace efforts to bring about a final solution to the conflict of Western Sahara.

Noting that no state in the world recognizes Morocco’s self-proclaimed sovereignty over Western Sahara, WSRW indicated that such move would contributes to supporting Morocco’s unfounded claims to sovereignty over the territory of Western Sahara and disrespects the wishes of the indigenous Saharawi people.

The ONG went on saying that if Kosmos Energy pushes through, it will become the first company to drill for oil in occupied Western Sahara through a deal with the occupying regime, Morocco.

WSRW, moreover, urged Kosmos, Cairn and Atwood to immediately and unconditionally halt the oil exploration in the occupied part of Western Sahara, recommending that all investors withdraw their shares from the companies unless they commit to leaving territory.

It is to be recalled that the company will in a few weeks commence unethical and illegal oil drilling in Africa’s last colony, through the South Korea-constructed Atwood Achiever.

According to WSRW, Kosmos Energy holds a 55% permit accorded by the Moroccan government for the so-called Boujdour block, located offshore Boujdour in Western Sahara.
*Sahara Press Service (El Aaiun)

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