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150MVA power transformer gutted by fire

Power distribution transformer*Parts of Kano, northern Nigeria face power rationing

Kunle Kalejaye

16 November 2014, Sweetcrude, Lagos –
The 150MVA, 330/132kv power transformer and control cables attached to two other 150MVA power transformers in Kumbotso Transmission Substation in Kano State has been gutted by fire.

‎The incident has led to power rationing in parts of the city; Northern Nigeria and environs as a result of the loss of the 150MVA, 330/132/33kV power transformer.

‎According to a statement by Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN Management, signed by the General Manager Public Affairs, Seun Olagunju explained that one of the four 150MVA power transformers in the substation caught fire after an explosive sound was heard at the switchyard.

The statement which was obtained by Sweetcrude Reports further explained that the fire, which destroyed one out of the four 150MVA power transformers in the substation was eventually put off by the Kano state fire service.

The statement added that during the fire, oil from the burnt 150MVA transformer, spilled into the cable trench connecting two other transformers in the substation, causing the burning of the cables.

“The fire however did not affect the transformers themselves. The fourth 150MVA power transformer in the substation, was not affected in any way by the fire and has since been restored by TCN’s engineers,” the statement noted.

TCN says it is presently sourcing materials from its stores for the replacement of the burnt control cables to the two (2) healthy 150MVA power transformers that were not affected by the fire, so that it can quickly restore transmission of electricity through them.

The Management of TCN said investigations are also ongoing by the company’s engineers to determine the extent of damage to the burnt 150MVA power transformer, so that plans can be put in place for its immediate repair.

With the completion of the cable repair works, TCN said that the capability of the 510MW substation would have reduced to 383MW, which is still far in excess of the peak load demand of 250MW ever recorded in the area.

“This means that normal power supply would be restored as soon as the two healthy power transformers are energized.

“TCN regrets any inconvenience the incident has caused the government and electricity consumers in Kano city and environs and assured that it would complete the cable replacement works as well as the restoration of power transmission capability of the two 150MVA power transformers within two weeks

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