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Biocom produces over 3000 tons of ethanol in experimental phase

Biocom16 November 2014, Malanje — At least 1.550 tons of sugar and 3.600 cubic metres of ethanol have already been produced in the experimental phase of the Angolan Bio-energy Company (Biocom), located in the Agro-industrial Park of Capanda, Cacuso municipality, northern Malanje province.

This was said on Thursday in that locality by the director of the project Carlos Martins.

He said that currently Biocom continues to hold tests for the operation of the machines that manufacture sugar cane and ethanol, so that its inauguration may take place soon.

Moreover, the director said that production activities of sugar and ethanol stopped due to rains that have been hitting regularly this region, thus hindering the entry of the machines in the cane harvest.

According to him, the production of sugar and ethanol will start in April in 2015.

On the other hand, he said that Biocom has already produced 30 gigawatts of power through sugar cane bagasse since last July.

Biocom project is integrated in the Agro-industrial Park of Capanda.

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