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Mozambique: Beira and Chimoio face power cuts

Beira, Mozambique16 November 2014, Maputo — The central Mozambican cities of Beira and Chimoio are facing power cuts due to a breakdown in the power station at the Mavuzi dam, on the Revue river.

According to a report in Friday’s issue of the Maputo daily “Noticias”, a leak threatened to inundate the power station. It led to the reduction in Mavuzi’s generating capacity from 25 to 15 megawatts.

This unexpected problem occurred precisely as the power station at the second dam on the Revue, at Chicamba, was shut down to allow inspection of the equipment. The Chicamba and Mavuzi dams, which supply much of the electricity consumed in Manica and Sofala provinces, have been undergoing rehabilitation.

During this work, the two power stations have been switched off alternately. Early on Thursday Chicamba was switched off, and for two days Mavuzi was to bear the burden of supplying the two provinces.

Even with some power from the Cahora Bassa dam reaching Manica and Sofala via the Chibata sub-station, power cuts were expected at peak periods.

A team from the electricity company EDM is working to repair the fault at Mavuzi. Even if they are successful, Mavuzi will be switched off entirely on Saturday for weekend inspections.

Normal power supplies should be restored on Monday when it is hoped that both power stations will be operating

The rehabilitation work on the two dams will last until late 2015, when it is hoped that their generating capacity will have risen from 63 to 80 megawatts.


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