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Tunisia’s solar power initiative could serve Europe

A solar powered ATM22 November 2014, Tunis – If Europe decides to turn away from nuclear and other sources of energy, as current trends tend to indicate, where will the continent look to power its future? Some say: Tunisia.

 As nuclear scientists continued to give dire reports over the state of the damaged Fukushima power plant this past year, European public opinion became ever more negative about nuclear energy. Politicians across the continent have been quick to perceive these shifting attitudes.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling coalition declared that Germany would close all nuclear reactors by 2022. Even in France, the world’s most nuclear-dependent country, Socialist presidential candidate François Hollande has floated the idea of slashing France’s nuclear consumption by more than a third by 2025. As Europe scrambles to find alternative sources of energy, it is searching in the deserts south of the Mediterranean.

…Bernard Yards, Tunisialive

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