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Algeria-EU studies on sustainable energy launched

17 January 2015, Algiers — Studies for the development of sustainable energy action plans in three provinces of the country have been launched as part of the European Union programme “Cleaner Energy Saving Mediterranean Cities” (CES-MED), said the European Neighbourhood Info Centre on its website.

Energy-efficient-power-lightingThe three concerned provinces are Batna, Boumerdes and Sidi Bel Abbes, said the source adding that working groups in charge of collecting data have been set up.

The scope of intervention and a proposal for methods of data collection as well as the objectives of the annual programme for 2015 in each of the three provinces had been already presented during workshops held recently in Algeria.

The CES-MED project is an EU-funded initiative aiming at “providing training and technical assistance to local and national authorities in the southern Mediterranean region, in order to help them respond more actively to sustainable policy challenges,” the source said.

This initiative “ensures that the actions proposed match with the objectives of the Covenant of Mayors: to reach and even go beyond the European objective to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% thanks to the improvement of energy efficiency and the increase of the use of sustainable energy,” the source added.

The three workshops on the launch of the Sustainable Energy Action Plan were held last December with the participation of the National Agency for the Promotion and Rationalisation of Energy Use (APRUE).

Four working groups have been set up to collect data for Batna, two for Boumerdes and three for Sidi Bel Abbes.

– Algerie Presse Service

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