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Ship owner wants more shipyards to tackle unemployment

13 February 2015, Lagos – A Lagos based ship owner, Mr. Ayorinde Adedoyin has called for the building of more shipyards as a veritable means of tackling the challenge of unemployment in the country.

Adedoyin, who is also the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Peace Gate Group, argued that the establishment of more shipyards remains an effective strategy to tackle the nagging problem of unemployment in Nigeria.
The ship owner, who is also the Chairman of the Nigeria Maritime Expo (NIMAREX) 2015 Planning Committee, called on the federal government  to adopt the Brazilian model which, according to him, required ships meant for long-term contracts in Brazil to be built in the country.

Crude-oil-vessel“Let me use Brazil as an example. The law says categorically that any vessel that would do a long-term contract in Brazil must be built in Brazil. See how many shipyards in the world that ran to Brazil to go and set up shipyards. See how many thousands of jobs that they have created”, he said.

Adedoyin expressed dismay over the poor regulation  in the country, pointing out that in many instances even where we have the laws clearly stated in our statute books, we find it difficult to enforce it.

“Why do we find it very difficult to enforce the law that we have written? If we enforce it, it would be beneficial to us. If there is a shipyard, you will have direct workers. You will have suppliers. You have suppliers to supply. You would have food vendors. See the chain and it goes”, he said.

He noted that that shipyards would offer jobs to many skilled and unskilled Nigerians, including maintenance engineers, technicians, spare parts dealers, drivers, doctors, nurses, caterers, among others.

The ship owner also called for the strict enforcement of provisions of the Coastal and Shipping Trade (Cabotage) Act 2003 as Nigerian Local Content Law.

According to him, if these laws are strictly implemented, the economy will not only be boosted but also ensure that many Nigerians are taken away from the labour market.

He decried  the plight of Nigerian ship owners, pointing out that the average ship owner in the country had been reduced to begging for jobs that ought to be theirs by right going by the provisions of the Cabotage Act 2003 and the Local Content Act.

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  • Ronald Gilliland

    Totally agree with above statement. As a regular visitor on board vessels I am surprised how many Non-nigerians are employed on vessels working in. Nigeria. Where is cabotage. Nigerian authorities are boasting on creating maritime collages to train Nigerin seafarers to International standards when they will be jobless after training as the slot is taken by a non-nigerian.This has to stop.