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Shale gas exploration in compliance with population’s interests, ecology – Bouteflika

Shale gas exploration in Algeria.
Shale gas exploration in Algeria.

22 March 2015, Ghardaia — The exploration operations of Algeria’s shale gas were conducted in accordance with the interests of citizens, ecology and geological integrity of the regions concerned, President of Abdelaziz Bouteflika affirmed Thursday.

“Keeping, permanently, in mind that nobody has the right and the possibility to act in any way that may undermine the interests of citizens, the ecology and the geologic integrity of some regions whatsoever that we, based irrefutable and proven certainties, have engaged only the exploration and the evaluation of our country’s shale gas potential,” President Bouteflika said in a message read on his behalf by Adviser to the presidency of the Republic, Benamar Zerhouni, on the occasion of Victory Day, celebrated on March 19 each year.

“We will comply with this option until the end,” ensured the Head of the State in a message in which he spoke of the anti-gas shale protests at In Salah, which persist despite, he noted, all assurances that were given to the people.

The President explained that “without sufficient knowledge of the potential of our underground gas, oil and shale gas, it will not be possible to plan future steps for the development of our country.”

“In Salah is the apple of our eyes. It has not deprived Algeria from its resources or the provision of the best for its children.

It provided it with two types of wealth, gas and men,” he added.

This makes the region of In Salah worthy of “a full recognition and gratitude, and benefit from measures and plans designed to improve the living conditions of its population and make quality change to hoist it to a level of development similar to that prevailing in the north of the country.”

In this regard, he urged the region’s people “to privilege wisdom and reason” because, he said, “preserving the health of citizens and their environment is the red line that neither the state nor other party can cross.”

*Algerie Presse Service (Algiers)

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