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Power Minister hails Omatek’s energy saving technology

25 March 2015, Lagos – Minister of Power, Professor, Chinedu Nebo has said the energy efficient light-emitting diode (LED)  manufactured by  Omatek Ventures Plc is capable of  solving the problem of power supply  in Lagos on Monday,

Mrs. Florence Seriki, MD:CEO, Omatek Ventures Plc
Mrs. Florence Seriki, MD:CEO, Omatek Ventures Plc

Nebo said “I would like to congratulate Omatek on this very innovative way of finding solution to a massive national problem of  consumption and wastage of power. I want to congratulate the Managing Director of Omatek,  Mrs. Florence  Seriki for the thoughtfulness that got her to go to the stock exchange to sell the idea.

But if the idea was being sold and not bought by the stock market, we would not be here today so I also want to congratulate the CEO NSE for his foresight, visionary leadership and his adaptation and adaptability to new technology.”

According to him,   what he saw at the NSE was a giant leap.

“”Giant leap in the sense that it is in tandem with Nigeria new renewable energy and energy efficiency policy. The stock exchange has taken the bull by the horn by allowing this process of LED process of lighting.We are very happy about this project, we are also happy that the stock exchange is also working with Omatek to integrate the solar component,” Nebo said.

In her speech, Mrs. Seriki said  the company has  decided to reduce consumption in every household using our Omatek LED bulb.

“We are using the NSE as an example to tell the whole world that this is happening in Nigeria. Nigeria has joined the league though Omatek in being a 24/7 machine and in joining those that have embraced the energy reduction and consumption savings policy. So we have made sure we reduced lighting and power consumption from between 70 to 95 per cent and this has helped tremendously in most of the schools and homes,” she said.

Seriki explained that the  60 watts bulb in Nigeria is being replaced by Omatek 6.7 watts bulb. It is white with five years duration. What we are saying to Nigerians and Africans is that this is a solution for manufacturers and factories. There would also be retail products that would not require installation that consumers can go to the shop to buy by themselves. They range from 12 watts. Our LED bulbs have actually solved security and fire problems solved fire problems because they don’t blow up. We are also commissioning retail ones for everyone to buy I think we are all entitled to have light,” she added. The project was supported financially by First Bank of Nigeria.

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